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DnaUs Blood gDNA Prep, Size: 50 Reactions

Price: $90.00
Catalog Number: 7400-05
Protocols and Manuals

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LeGene DnaUs Blood gDNA kit provides a fast and easy method for isolating gDNA from blood. The system utilizes the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of patented quick Bind membrane and the speed of spin column technology to yield high quality gDNA with the OD260/280 ratio of 1.8-2.0. Up to 250 μL of fresh, frozen or anticoagulated whole blood can be readily processed at one time. This DNA Kit can also be used for the preparation of genomic DNA from buffy coat, serum, plasma, saliva, buccal swab and other body fluids.

Purified DNA is ready for applications such as PCR, Real-time PCR, Southern Blotting, and Restriction Enzyme Digestion. The binding capacity per column is 100 μg of gDNA. Use less than 250 μL of whole Blood or buffy coat is recommended.