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DnaUs 96-Well Plasmid High-Throughput Filter Kit, Size: 4 Reactions

Price: $500.00
Catalog Number: 7150-04
Protocols and Manuals

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The DnaUs 96-well plasmid kit provides an easy and fast method for isolating high quality plasmid DNA in a high throughput format. The key to this system is ezCapture matrix that avidly, but reversibly, binds DNA under optimized buffer condition while proteins and other unwanted contaminants are removed by wash buffer. The lysate clearance plate obviates the time-consuming centrifugation step and result in increase of DNA recovery up to 20%. By using the 96-well kit, up to 96 samples can be simultaneously processed in less than 90 minutes. The typical DNA yield from 1.5 ml of E. coli culture is around 8 to 12 g.

The purified DNA is ready for downstream applications such as DNA amplification, automated sequence, cloning/subcloning, RFLP, transfection, and viral packaging.