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DnaUs Plasmid Miniprep, Size: 50 Reactions

Price: $50.00
Catalog Number: 7100-05
Protocols and Manuals

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This fast and reliable kit is designed to recover DNA from agarose gels, and purify DNA fragments from PCR, RFLP, phosphorylation, labeling, ligation, hybridization and other enzymatic reactions. DNA fragments from 100 bp to 20 kb can be purified using the ezCapture Mini Column with over 90 % recovery. The mini column has a DNA binding capacity of 50 ug.

This kit is designed for fast and efficient purification of plasmid DNA from up to 4 ml of E. coli culture. The mini column has a plasmid DNA binding capacity of 50 ug. The yield from 1 ml culture is typically around 8 to 12 ug. The purified DNA is ready for downstream applications such as cloning/subcloning, RFLP, sequencing, and transfection of robust cells such as HEK293 cells.