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LeGene 1st Strand cDNA Maxi Archive System, 50 Reactions

Price: $450.00
Catalog Number: 6220-05
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LeGene 1st Strand cDNA Maxi Archive System is optimized to synthesize high yield cDNA from total or poly( A)+ purified RNA. The system can be used with a broad range of RNA template concentrations, from as low as 100 ng to as high as 20 µg of total RNA. LeGene 1st Strand cDNA Maxi Archive reverse transcriptase is a mixture of RnaUs MMLV reverse transcriptase and a ribonuclease inhibitor protein. It is ideally suited for high throughput expression profile studies using real-time quantitation as well as end-point RT-PCR. The synthesized cDNA can be used for short-term and long-term archival storage, quantitative PCR, and conversion to cRNA. The system contains all the components needed for first-strand cDNA synthesis. Reagents are sufficient for 50 cDNA synthesis reactions of 100 µl reaction volume.