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Glycerol-free RnaUsScript-Gold Reverse Transcriptase, 100,000 units (200,000 units/ml)

Price: $2,275.00
Catalog Number: 6157-70
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Catalog No. 6157-70: Glycerol-free RnaUsScript-Gold Reverse Transcriptase, Size: 100,000 U


Glycerol-Free RnaUsScript-Gold Reverse Transcriptase (RNaseH Minus) is an engineered from Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus RT to eliminate RNaseH activity and enhance cDNA yield at an elevated temperature up to 60 oC. Glycerol-Free RnaUsScript-Gold RT is a single polypeptide chain with a molecular weight of approximately 78.2 kDa, is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase that synthesizes the complementary cDNA strand from a single-stranded RNA template to which a primer has been annealed (1,2). Glycerol-Free RnaUsScript-Gold RT also efficiently extend primers hybridized to single-stranded DNA. This enzyme is expressed in E. coli (2) and purified to free of exogenous RNase activity, a common contaminant in commercial preparations of reverse transcriptase. The enzyme is used to synthesize first-strand cDNA up to 13 kb and 5X cDNA Synthesis buffer is provided.