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DnaUs Tissue gDNA Prep, Size: 50 Reactions

Price: $95.00
Catalog Number: 7410-05
Protocols and Manuals

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LeGene DnaUs Tissue gDNA prep kit provides an easy and rapid method for the isolation of genomic DNA. Up to 30 mg of animal tissue, culture cells, mouse tail snips and paraffin-embedded tissue can be readily processed at a time. This kit allows for the single or multiple simultaneous processing of samples. There is no requirement for phenol/chloroform extractions, and time-consuming steps are eliminated such as ethanol precipitation.

Purified DNA is ready for applications such as PCR, real-time PCR, Southern blotting, and restriction enzyme digestion. The binding capacity of each Quick Bind mini column is approximately 100 µg DNA and recommend to use less than 30 mg tissue or less than 1x107 cells.